Orphans court December 7, 1831
Petition for the valuation or appraisment of the Real estate of Matthias Woodley decd.

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The petition of Abraham Bodine grantee of George Woodley, Richard Woodley, Anthony Woodley, William van Buskirk in right of his wife Cornichy late Cornichey Woodley, Abraham Woodley, Martin Woodley, John Woodley, Jacob Woodley, Jesse Blaker in right of his wife Hannah late Hannah Woodley, Jane Woodley a minor daughter of David Woodley dec. by her guardian John Hill and the minor children of George Farr by his wife Sarah formerly Sarah Woodley since deceased to wit Anne, Matthias, Abigail, William and Sarah by their guardian William Farr and R. Barclay Farr, heirs at law and legal representatives of Matthias Woodley late of Muncy Township in Lycoming County deceased respectfully represents That the said Matthias Woodley died intestate on or about the 16th day of July A.D. 1825 leaving the above named children and grandchildren as his heirs at Law and legal representatives as above stated that the said Matthias Woodley so died intestate seized in his demesne as of fee of and in the following Real estate to wit one Tract and plantation of Land situate upon Muncy Creek in Muncy township aforesaid bounded by lands of Tetu Simm on the west, by lands of Martin Woodley and Richard Singer on the North, by lands of John Lockard and William Hambleton on the East, and on the South by lands

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of the said William Hambleton and land of Edward G. Lyon Containing about three hundred and fifty four acres with allowance to be the same more or less with the appurtenances - and also of two ... town lots of land situate in the Village of Hughesburg in the Township of Muncy aforesaid fronting on the South east side of main Street, bounded by a fourteen feet alley on the Northward bounded on the Southward by a street and on the westward by a lot of Wm. Boone the said two Town Lots being adjoining to each other with the appurtenances. No partition or valuation of the said real estate having been had since the decease of the said Matthias Woodley, the petitioners pray the Court to order and appoint George Edkin, Henry Ulah, Joseph Whitacre, Samuel Wallis, John Gortner Esq., Jacob Opp and Theodore Wells chosen by the petitioners for that purpose to make partition or valuation of the said premises above described according to law in such case made and provided and to make report of their proceedings herein at the next Orphans Court after they shall have so parted or valued the same. Whereupon the Court upon due consideration approve of the named men and appoint them for the purposes above mentioned.
By the court, Dec. 6th A.D. 1831 Jn. Van Der Belt, Clk.