First Generation Descendants:


the progenitor of this line was Mathias Woodley who emigrated to the colonies sometime before the revolutionary war. He died in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, in 1825 at about the age of 70.  His descendants were:
George Woodley, 1783-1851
David Woodley, 1786- c.1814
Mathias Woodley(1788), 1788-bef.1814
Richard Woodley, 1789-1861
Sarah Woodley, 1792-1826, wife of George Smith Farr, 1792-1863
Anthony Woodley, 1793-1864
Kenerchy Woodley, 1795-1872, wife of William Van Buskirk, 1781-1850
Abraham Woodley, 1796-1837
Martin Woodley, 1796-1834
John Woodley, 1798-1860
Jacob Woodley, 1801-bef.1860
Rebecca Woodley, 1803-bet.1820 and 1825
Hannah Woodley, 1805-1871, wife of Jesse Blaker, Jr., 1803-1875
Co-lateral line:
John Erwin, 1789-1841, the family tree of Julia Ann Erwin1824-1900, wife of Mathias Woodley, 1820-1897


The Hilton ancestors emigrated to the colonies in mid 17th century. This descendant lists start with Richard Hilton, a Revolutionary War veteran who lived in the area of Saratoga New York. He was born in 1753 in Saratoga County and died in 1842 in Oswego County, New York.  Richard Hilton had nine children but descendant lists are given for only two: Peter Hilton, 1779-1871 and John W. Hilton, 1797-1850. These two sons with their descendants are as follows:
Peter Hilton, 1779-1781. 
John W. Hilton, 1797-1850. 
Co-lateral line:
Samuel Holenbeck Averill, 1797-1886, the family tree of Eliza Averil 1831-1911, wife of John Hilton , 1827-1905


David Genserowsky, was born somewhere in Russia or Poland, then a part of Russia, sometime about 1800 and died in Berlin about 1868.  His sons Julius and Louis, who emigrated to the United States in the early 1880s while the older brother, Samuel, remained in Germany.  The descendants list for each of the three brothers is as follows:
Samuel Genserowsky, 1853-1917
Julius Gens, 1856-1940
Louis Gens, 1858-1931
Co-lateral lines:
Herman Markowski, 1824-1878, the family tree of Ida Anna Augusta Markowski, 1863-1931, wife of Julius Gens, 1856-1940
David Tepper, 1832-1901, the family tree of Louis Tepper, 1893-1963, husband of Alice Gens, 1891-1979


Ida Anna Augusta Markowski was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1863 and arrived in America in 1884.  Her ancestors have been researched by others, going back to her grandfather Karl Markowski, born in 1782.